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At Firewall, we deal with a vast array of clients across many different industries, and they range from small startups to larger multi-state companies that trade internationally. Click on the drop downs below to get more information on the type of clients we service:


We specialise in startups! While bigger enterprise is typically risk adverse and will budget to meet requirements, startups often need to embrace risk and rapid change and work within the confines of constrained funding. Firewall focuses on providing solutions that are simple, cost effective and scalable, and we can develop IT growth strategies to help drive your company forward.

Onsite Hardware

Many of our clients like to purchase their own servers and keep them onsite. This enables them to avoid data centre hosting costs, but it does mean that there are additional challenges around physical security of their systems and availability. We work with these clients to ensure that they are adequately protected from both physical and web based intrusions, and keep their systems running by implementing suitable power and systems redundancy, proactive maintenance regimes, and disaster recovery / business continuity plans. Largely we'll manage their servers and office computing issues remotely, but we'll visit onsite when the need arises.

Offsite Hardware

For many companies, reliability and availability are paramount and as such they host their servers in a reputable data centre. These servers still need proactive maintenance and ad-hoc issues to be resolved as fast as possible. Firewall can manage servers in any offsite location and provide you with top class onsite support for your office computing needs.

No hardware

Some of our clients simply don't want to own any server hardware, so they pay for computing capacity from either a private cloud provider (e.g. a privately owned datacentre), or a public datacentre (e.g. Microsoft, Amazon, Google). In this way they don't have to worry about things like warranties and purchasing new hardware, and they have the peace of mind that their systems are being delivered by a reputable host with industry standard hardware and software.

Firewall utilises the Microsoft Azure hosting platform to deliver "Desktop as a Service" to our clients. What this means is that your servers run from the Microsoft data centre, providing massive benefits in security, disaster recovery, scalability, and cost effectiveness. Then, using any internet connected device, you can gain access to your desktop as if you were working in the office. Desktop as a Service is becoming increasibly common as companies look towards mobile, flexible and scalable working arrangements for their staff.

Remote Access

Companies are increasingly looking towards solutions that provide mobility for their workforce, without comprimising security. We will help identify your business requirements and tailor a solution that works within your budget. Whether you want Desktop as a Service, an onsite Terminal Server, remote access to the files on your Network Storage, or help implementing a "bring your own device" policy, we can help to find and implement the right solution.

National Presence

We assist companies at every stage of their business development with complex business models and IT systems. Whether their systems are centrally located or geographically diverse, we ensure that everything is proactively managed to minimise downtime, and that issues are identified and resolved as soon as possible. 

Various Industries

While IT is largely similar across different industries, there are differences in the core applications used and in each case these systems need to be effectively understood and supported. Firewall works across a wide variety of industries including legal and accounting, education and training, retail, manufacturing and real estate. Have a look at our client list to see the diversity of companies we support!

A core matra for us is that we don't like reinventing the wheel, so if there's a problem with your line of business application that we can't solve quickly and cost effectively resolve, we go to the source and contact the vendor.




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